About Us

For more than 10 years, Design by RS team worked with many companies and personal blog owners that wanted to be different and provide to customers something special. Our designs are minimalistic, clean and highly engaging.

Because of that, bounce rate on a websites that we create is much lower, click through rate is improved and visitors stay engaged for much longer. Everything you need to make most of every visit on your website!

We create blogs and website designs that are strictly focused on a best possible experience of a visitor. By providing engaging and clean designs, message that you want to give to your visitors will be laser targeted.

Our main mission is to provide your visitors best possible experience while engaging with your brand by providing clean design that is more focused on the content.

Simple and easy to use style of our websites ensures that your vistior focus will be on the message that you want to give them and not looking around for a button to click.

At first, we will learn about your company, your goals and plans. Once we learn everything you want to say and provide to your visitors, we will create website ideas that will engage wiht them the best. After testing few designs we will ensure that everything is in the best possible shape giving best message to your visitors.